Introducing the Prosperitas Fund

Market leading investment returns with unparalleled risk management. Four separate funds each with their own unique characteristics combine to create the safest and most profitable diversified portfolio available. I invite you to explore each of these exciting strategies that make up the fund below.
VIX Options Strategy

The flagship VIX Options fund is designed to achieve exceptional returns through any market environment

XIV Trading Strategy

A quantifiable rules based strategy that capitalizes on mathematically predictable trends in market volatility

Dividend Option Strategy

Dynamic option trading strategies are used to turn buy & hold equities into monthly income generating vehicles

Iron Condor Strategy

Delta neutral theta positive option spreads designed to profit even in non trending markets

Investing with Options

Quantifiable, systematic, math based investing.
There's always a bull market somewhere in the options world

When adjusted for inflation the S&P 500 has returned less than 5% per year over the last 20 years, and in my opinion the next 20 years likely won't even achieve that.

With yields and interest rates at historical lows it's a near certainty that Bond returns will significantly underperform going forward.

Most real estate markets around the world are still above historical trendlines and could easily stagnate or even fall in the coming years.

Despite the sell off we've seen in commodities, with the next recession looming it's hard to know when and where prices will find a bottom.

Investors are facing the very real possibility that the traditional asset classes will all underperform over the next several years.

This is why the Prosperitas Fund has planted it's flag firmly in the option trading world. It's quantifiable math based investing that isn't dependent on any of those asset classes for future returns.

  • Performance

    Option trading allows the quantitative investor to trade market implied volatility as a stand alone asset class.

  • Risk management

    Options trading originated as a risk management tool and if used correctly offers unparalleled portfolio protection

  • Versatility

    Not reliant on trending markets. Whether they are up down or sideways, there's always a way to structure profitable trades.

  • Level playing field

    The options market is one of very few places left that isn't dominated by big banks and high frequency trading algorithms.

Brent Osachoff

In 2000 I graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC with an Economics degree and a minor focus in Mathematics and Statistics. Following graduation I took my golf career to the next level and spent the next five years playing on various professional golf tours around North America including the United States Gateway Tour and the Canadian Tour. After retiring from professional golf in 2005 I continued my career in the investment industry. Since then I've been a full time option trader specifically focusing on trading volatility as an asset class. My experience and trading success is represented by the Prosperitas Fund. I aspire to provide an exciting alternative to traditional portfolio management.
Prosperitas Asset Management
Prosperitas Asset Management
CEO and Head Trader

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